FAQ' s

Are Stamin Millennium Nutraceuticals products safe ?

Yes, Stamin products are safe. Stamin follows the best manufacturing practices as per GMP standards. Every batch of Stamin products undergoes quality control check & analysis and passes through series of stringent quality protocols such as contamination monitoring & consistency before they are sent for packaging and dispatch to you.

Stamin Millennium Nutraceuticals Pvt Ltd (SMNPL) is an ISO 22000-2005 certified company by TUV-Germany.

Stamin Millennium Nutraceuticals is provided with FSSA Central License and the number is 10012042000428.Therefore Stamin-Quality you can trust always.

To ensure that customers of Stamin Millennium receive the full benefits for the money they spend, its products are tested in labs approved by National Accreditation Board Laboratories.

Stamin ® Whey Protein

Are there any side effects with Stamin Whey Protein?

No,Stamin Whey Protein is safe and does not have any side effects.It is free from doping ingrediants ,Steriods and it is completely safe to every one.

What is the usuage of Stamin ® Amino Mass and its dosage?

Stamin Amino Mass is an ideal pre and post workout drink which provides Carbohydrates (Natural) and Protein. Stamin AminoMass is designed to offer faster recovery and increase body energy.

Dosage: 3 scoops (approx 50gms) in milk two times in a day

Why I need Protein?

Every human being needs Protein, Fat and Carbohydrates. Of all the three Proteins is required for the body to build muscles, repair body cells (wear &tear) and receive energy. Protein requirements differ from individual to individual depending upon the weight, sex, age , type of work they do and overall health.

Type of Individual Requirement/kgbody wt/day
Normal Adults 0.8gm
Athletes (Endurance) 1.2-1.4gm
Trainers(Heavy) 1.7-1.8gm

Is Stamin Whey Protein safe for women?

Yes,Stamin Whey Protein is safe to women. Insufficient intake of protein can lead to various health risks in women.Stamin Whey Protein with additional benefit of Colostrum(life’s first food) can be the right choice for women looking for toned physique.Stamin Whey Protein when combined with exercise helps women to increase the metabolic rate, increase lean mass and burn fat

Is Stamin Whey Protein rich in BCAA and what are their advantages?

Stamin Whey Protein is rich in Branded chain Amino Acids like Leucine,Iso leucine and Valine. These BCAAs’ play an important role in muscle growth and recuperation. These BCAAs’ are absorbed directly into the muscle tissues and prevent muscle protein breakdown (catabolism) during exercise. BCAAs’ also help to recover quickly after serious workout period and provide strength and power.

Is Cell Power safe to every one?

Yes, Stamin Cell Power is safe sports supplement and does not contain any doping ingrediants.But persons with kidney ailment, high blood pressure and liver disorder should avoid consuming Creatine supplements. Creatine is not recommended during pregnancy, Lactating /nursing mothers.

Does pure Creatine Monohydrate of Stamin cause excessive water retention?

No,Stamin Pure Creatine Monohydrate is of high quality and does not cause any excessive water retention. While consuming plain Creatinemonohydrate or supplements containing Creatine monohydrate, it is advisable to do exercise to receive the expected benefits because the energy provided by Creatine monohydrate gets nullified(wasted) in the absence of exercise. So it is advisable to combine with right exercise under the guidance of trainer. Powder form of Creatine monohydrate is better absorbed in the blood stream than capsule form as capsules /tabs has coating which may take more time for absorption.

What is the dose of Creatine monohydrate during loading phase and maintenance Phase?

Though there are two schools of thought, during the loading phase one full tea spoon(5 gms) two times per day.10 gms total for 5days. For maintenance dose take 5gms once a day, and take along with fruit juice [non-acidic].

Can Creatine Monohydrate be taken along with other supplements?

Yes, in fact it is recommended that you mix Creatine monohydrate in your post work out shake.The ideal post work out shake mix would be Dextrose,Whey Protein, Glutamine and Creatine[ STAMIN CELL POWER].