Our Testimonials

I use and recommend Pro 3,Whey Protein and Cell Power of Stamin to increase the Muscle size, Maintain leanmass and for making the body reconditioned.

Mr. Ekambaram,Chennai.
7 times Mr.India

I strongly believe and recommend only Stamin’s WHEY Protein . Stamin’s Whey Protein is a good Whey with additional benefits of Colostrum(Life’s first food) is effective and economical compared to imported brand .I always recommend Stamin Supplements .Cell power of Stamin gives good size and power.To improve the muscle size without fat Pro 7 of Stamin is good choice.

Mr.Gautam Kalita,Gawhati
Mr.World 2007
Muscle Mania
Mr.East India 3 Times
Mr.North East India 5 Times.

Body Mass & Weight Gainer of Stamin are the right choices for the beginners who go to gym to improve strength and gain weight particularly under weight. Pro 3 WEC of Stamin is the ideal supplement to increase the size with muscles while Whey protein is good for maintaining lean mass

Chennai Tamil Nadu
Power Lifter& Body builder.

I recommended Stamin Whey Protein for muscle development,muscle quality and muscularity for one month and seen good results. Pro 7 of Stamin is good for increasing the muscle growth and mass. Kudos to STAMIN.

Trainer,Bodybuilder &Power lifter Participated
27 times in the Competition and won 2 times Class Title.

Pro 3 WEC has the right combination of protein that gives increase in Muscle size and Body Weight.I strongly recommend Muscle Gain for increasing the muscle size.I found whey protein of Stamin Millennium very useful in building up Muscle and weight.

A.Mohamed Rafi.
Body Builder and Elite Personal Trainer.